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Wuxi Chuangfeng Vibration Plate Equipment Factory
specializes in automation equipment, vibration plate R & amp; D and production enterprises, the company main products include: automatic feeding vibration plate, automatic feed hopper, feeder lines, electronic control, vibration platform, vertical vibration devices, automatic counting systems, packaging products, non-standard, automatic, semi-automatic equipment modification and design. We also import and domestic vibration plate contract maintenance business.
Chuangfeng products are widely used: light industry machinery, electronics, batteries, connectors, standard parts, bearings, oil bearings, nozzles, buttons, zippers, cork, food machinery, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, hardware clock, auto parts industries, the automation of the work piece orientation, sorting the materials, packaging, counting, inspection and other functions. And according to customer design requirements for the customers of various non-standard automation equipment and upgrading existing equipment and a variety of connector assembly machines and other equipment.
We are committed to:Free for your installation. Warranty of two years, life-long maintenance, annual follow-up service for you free from worry.
Our service aim: high quality, high standard, high efficient service for all types of enterprise development, design, develop quality products and provide first-class after-sales service.
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